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Hamburg Airport

Hamburg airport is situated 8.5 kilometers north-west of the centre of the city. It can handle simultaneously 53 aircrafts and about 70 airlines fly from Hamburg to 120 destinations all over the world. In terms of "passengers" Hamburg Airport is on the fifth place of the sixteen commercial airports in Germany with more than 10 million passengers per year.

Hamburg Airport offers a wide array of services and destinations all around the world and attractive network of services, which makes it the ideal starting point for any trip.

The Hamburg Airport takes care about the noise and takes measurement for environmental protection as one of its responsibilities. There is restriction for night flying to protect local residents from the aircraft noise. The Airport creates also lots of working places. More than 13 000 people are employed by companies working on the airport, which makes it a good economic engine for the area.  

The airport is working towards modernizing its quarters and will further enhance the level of service provided at the airport. The plans to enlarge the airport include new urban railway service, more parking spaces (over 10 000), a new airport hotel and a shopping plaza with stores, boutiques and restaurants.

Because of its high visitors rate the airport is also a very attractive place for advertising campaigns and it’s an ideal way to communicate with the around 3000 passenger per day who cross its terminals.

You can learn more about the airport by visiting the Airport model of Hamburg airport, which is a miniature on a scale of 1:500. You will be given a short presentation by the visitor service guides and you will get information in detail about the buildings, history, take off and landing as well as technical equipment. Another exciting way to discover more about the airport is to take a 45 minutes airside bus tour. It’s an excellent opportunity to get a close-up look at the aircrafts and explore the original facilities with the terminals, the fuel depot, the general aviation terminal and the maintenance hangars.

For more info and booking contact Tel: +49 (40) 50 75-2644 or E-Mail: modellschau@ham.airport.de

Another way to take a better look at the aircrafts and the busy activity around them are the observation terraces in Terminal 1 and 2, all of which overlook the apron and runways at the airport. The airport is also a proud owner of a museum airplane Boeing 707-430, which is currently used for instruction, training and tests, but once the full restoration on it is completed it will be open for viewing during airport tours.

As a modern European airport the Hamburg Airport offers to its passengers everything which is needed for a comfortable trip. It offers special services for disabled people, young passengers, for people traveling with animals, as well as luggage information, luggage service, rent a car stations and info centers for the travelers.

A free shuttle bus runs between the terminals and to car park P6.

Find HVV-Buses and taxicabs in front of the airport. They will take you to nearly any destination within and around Hamburg. By taking on of the buses you have to consider that you need to change them after a while depending on the destination. Driving to the centre do not require a change of lines. Just look for the right bus number or ask the bus driver to give you the bus number for your destination. Purchase a bus ticket directly from the bus driver.


HVV (Hamburger Verkehrsbund):

You can use this railway and bus network to reach nearly every target around and in Hamburg.

About 1,500 buses and a variety of railway systems belong to the network. 

To buy a ticket you have to know something about the zone system. HVV divides Hamburg in zones that span concentric around the centre. The price of the ticket depends on how many zones you will cross, how long you want to use the ticket and how many persons you will take with you on the ticket. There are one way, daily, 3-day, monthly and yearly tickets. There are tickets for a single person and tickets for groups. You will find a table for your information on every station (bus, underground or train station). If you find it too difficult you can call (040) 19449 or find a person at a ticket shop that will explain everything  to you. Click here to locate a ticket shop.

Find more information on the HVV website: http://www.hvv.com/index2.htm

Deutsche Bahn

Deutsche Bahn is Germany’s national railway transporter. It can take you to work, to your friends or wherever you wish to go. You travel comfortable, in a nice surrounding and arrive on time. If you make a long distance travel DB’s board’s restaurant, newspapers, audio channels and video programs will make your trip more pleasant.

Deutsche Bahn has made service centers in its stations and offers a big variety of services from Business Lounge to rental car service for the comfort of its passengers. The Lounges in the railway are first class and have laptop workstations, even some offer conference room and wireless LAN services.

To ease your traveling the station service offer also Lost-and-Found Service, luggage service and low-cost parking. In most of the 5 400 stations that DB services you can get everything you need for a pleasant journey.

Having in mind how many people, local and foreigners, prefer to use daily their bicycles. DB has the Bahn & Bike service, which means that trains which have it can take you with your bike. You can even let your bike travel by itself and the courier service “Kurier Gepäck” will deliver it to your address within 2-3 day. For more info: 01805-4848 (EUR 0.12/min, in Germany only). Or if you come to Frankfurt, Cologne, Berlin or Munich you can use the “Call a Bike” service and simply rent one.

The mobility-impaired travelers also haven’t been forgotten. In order to make the traveling for such passengers more comfortable DB provides assistance when boarding, changing and alighting from train, sending to your address ordered tickets, seat reservations and arrangements for wheelchair users. The telephone of the Mobility Service Center is 01805 512 512 (within Germany only).

The trains of DB are of high standard using eight different models to take its passengers to their destinations. The ICE now travels at speeds of up to 300 kilometers an hour and travels non-stop between Frankfurt and Berlin. The IC (Inter City) is also fast and link major cities throughout Germany. EC (Euro City) is called the train for cross-border routes. Metropolian train provides comfort for passengers traveling between Cologne, Duesseldorf, Hamburg and Essen. DB also offers night train and AutoZug, where you can take your car or motorbike with you on the train.

For international traveling you are going to experience the comfort of ICE international and Eurostar. They will ensure your save trip throughout Europe and on all international routes.

On the internet site of DB www.db.de you can find information about the departure and arrival timetables.

DB has many special offers for traveling in Germany and internationally. With the service Surf&Rail and Surf&Rail International you can find some very favorably priced destinations.


Check out the timetable now.

Car Rental

EuropCar - (available as well at the airport)

Avis - (available as well at the airport)

Sixt - (available as well at the airport)

Budget - (available as well at the airport)

Herz - (available as well at the airport)

National - (available as well at the airport)




"Hamburg anders erfahren" 
Herr Petersen (Delivery)

Tel. 640 18 00 
mobil 0178 / 640 18 00

Fahrradstation Dammtor (Rotherbaum)

Schlüterstr. 11
41 46 82 77

Bardowicks Go-Kart-Hof und Fahrradverleih

Neuengammer Hausdeich 101 
21039 Hamburg - Vierlanden 
Tel. 040 / 723 38 66

Biedler Bikes

Jarrestraße 29 
22303 Hamburg - Barmbek
Tel. 27 800 800

Der Fahrradcontainer

Nienstedtener Str. 13
Tel./Fax: 81 99 22 47, Mobile: 0172/511 76 57

Die Luftpumpe

Lübecker Str. 114
Telephone:  25 49 28 00

Fahrrad Hertel

Langenhorner Chaussee 677
22419 Hamburg
Telephone: 5 27 80 80
or 5 27 44 85

Fahrradladen St. Georg

Schmilinskystr. 16
20099 Hamburg
Telephone: 24 39 08

Fahrrad Richter KG

Barmbeker Str. 16
Telephone: 27 31 00





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